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  RUMI MAKI Boxing and Martial Arts is a gym like no other, where you will find the highest standard of instruction in all our programs. Also we offer personalized fitness plans that will allow you to reach your goals, whether they are losing weight, improving your nutrition and eating habits, building muscle and becoming stronger, learning a new sport, or pushing your sports conditioning to the next level. Here you will be both supported and challenged to be your best.


RUMI MAKI Boxing and Martial Arts was founded by Pedro Calla in 2010 with the desire to bring the highest quality boxing training and Martial Arts knowledge to our community.

RUMI MAKI seeks to provide a healthy foundation of fitness in the lives of all of our clients. We additionally seek to allow for healthy transformations for all types of client’s needs, from developing greater muscle strength and better overall health, to dramatic weight loss, and for some students interested in pursuing a career in boxing, for elite athlete training.