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Pedro Calla, the founder and owner of RUMI MAKI Boxing and Martial Arts began his career in the sport of boxing at age 15 in Lima, Peru, where early on he rose to be the reigning national champion in the country for seven years straight, recognized by the President of Peru for his representation in international tournaments and by the National Boxing Federation of Peru as the top boxer in the country.


In his representation of Peru as the captain of the national team, Pedro participated in international tournaments for nearly a decade, including the Pan-American Games, Pre-Olympic Trials, The Pacific Tournaments and Pre-Pan-American games where Pedro earned gold medals, and the ODESUR South American Tournament where he earned a silver medal.


Pedro also pursued the academic side of fitness, studying Sports Science in Cayetano Heredia Medical University, completing over 20 courses in sports medicine and training methodology. Alongside his own athletic development, Pedro has been a fitness trainer for others for over 20 years, working as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and boxing trainer. He has additionally worked to expand his knowledge of martial arts combat outside of boxing, seeking out training in submission wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muy Thai, all of which he used successfully in MMA cage fights.


In his current role as a boxing and fitness trainer for the last five years, Pedro has continued to push his own fitness limits, along with those of his students, training for marathon, Spartan, and Gladiator races. This represents his philosophy that it is important to continuously learn and grow in the world of fitness, and so he is constantly studying the science and medicine of the field, seeking input from other trainers and experts, and adapting his techniques based on the needs of his students.

 Master Ivan Neri
- 4 th Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt.
- 10+ Years of teaching experience.
- Former Owner and Founder of I.N. Martial
Rath Connor :
Boxing and Fitness Instructor
Ariel Bello :
Boxing and Fitness Instructor
Devin :
Boxing and Fitness Instructor
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Bob : 
Boxing and Fitness Instructor
Maribel Aguilar:
Boxing and Fitness Instructor
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